Sep 14, 2010

Eyeshadow collection

Za slovensko objavo o moji zbirki senčil lahko obiščete : Zbirka senčil

I have  very little and am proud of it. If you have ever done Project 10 Pan,  you'll know that make-up is very hard to use up, even if you don't have much of it.
I'd love to own all the make-up on the planet, however, in REAL LIFE I prefer to have my products under control.

What I do have are these two ebay palettes (the Neutral and the 120 eyeshadow one). As you can see, after a year of use I've only done some damage to the highlight colors.

My Sleek I-divine palettes,

My ''ghetto'' palettes - deppoted eyeshadows in CD-cases :)

My Everday minerals jars (for swatches, please refer to my previous post at this link             )

Isadora Delirious palette And NYx Pearl Mania's

And last, Barry M Dazzle dusts.

Seriously, I don't need more than that. Actually, it's probably too much anyways as I am sure normal, non-addicted people do not have that many things. YOu don't NEED make-up to look beautiful. I do find that it makes you ''feel'' beautiful. And looking at other people's insane collections on YT I feel so inadequate. It's important you don't get dragged in and realize the people you are watching are, in majority, over-priviledged girls that weren't exactly hurting before they statred making big bucks on YT.

I can speak for myself when I say that colors, even just looking at them, make me happy. That is my justification. And I rotate my products, so they all get used.
That is why I like pigments and minerals, they come in a jar so you can share them and can actually use them up.

How about you, do you get intimated by massive make-up colloction that everybody seems to have?

Wish you all the best,


Illeryana said...

I do get jealous when I see people's large collections - especially when they're full of expensive products like MAC and NARS. But then I remind myself that my makeup looks good too, so who cares if I use mostly cheap stuff. For the price of one MAC eyeshadow you can get an entire palette off eBay. I like to save my money for more important things.

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