Nov 16, 2010

Daily simplicity

Yeah, I know another wearable look :) A bit of brown to sculpt the crease where there is none, liner, mascara and that's it.  I'm sharing it anyway :D
Just my typical no-nonsense Friday make-up.


I don't have much to say, really as I'm tired.
Just enjoy yor week. And hang in there, Friday is coming soon :P

~ V.


Jennifer said...

love your simple look <3! i'm an amateur in eyeshadows and thanks for sharing your look!!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Glad you like it.
Hope you find it useful somehow :)

The Peach said...

This is a beautiful simple look! Love the eyeliner!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@The Peach
Thanks =)

David said...

your eyebrows are perfect!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

I get that a lot =)
But that's honestly my natural shape. I usually don't alter it, apart from cleaning up in my general highlighting area.

It was only flash and macro photography that were forcing me to to fill them in in thread on the upper part. I swear, pictures make me look like a bushy barbarian if I don't catch every single stray hair :D

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