Dec 12, 2010

Any skypers out there?

Well, soooo I was thinking (odd, yes) if any of you used skype. I remember it used to have a ''skypeme'' thing that they got rid of due to all the pornspam.
Definately don't miss that! :D

Picture source

Anyways, in case you feel like chatting, you can search for
I would appreaciate it if you included your blog name in the detail exchange box
just so I know who you are and don't freak out :P

Or if you want you can comment below or mail me with your user name. Either way. If you don't use skype you can still follow me on twitter.
I also have a YT account that my blog is named after, but no uploads. I might change that ;)

That's pretty much all I have to say.

Good night, everbody.


Rinz said...

i need to get one skype is great!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

It is, if you know people to talk to :D

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