Jun 22, 2011

Does peach make you look fat?

Here is another look from January, which you can see by how short my hair was. It doesn't look blended in this picture, because the transitional color was too pale to show up with photography skills such as mine.  :P

The star of this look is Everday Minerals Dusty Miller, applied oved a white base. I used white to highlight the inner corners. And the outer corners are defined by browns for the IsaDora Classic Browns palette.

On my waterline I'm wearing Nxy lipliner
LIPS: IsaDora mostuirizing lip gloss with jojoba oil (it's a sheer peach)
CHEEKS: Everday Minerals Dusty Miller applied with a light hand.

But seriously, how lovely is this shade!
on top of everything, makes my eyecolor to show up more blue. Which is a bonus, I love blue eyes.

You can tell this was done during the finals because of all the breakouts. When I'm studingy (hard) I tend to pick at my face and many times I subconsciously butcher my skin. And, of course, get bacteria in deeper levels in the skin. Which all makes up for pimply skin.
Yay me.
Self mutulation can suck like that!
So, yeah. I'm trying to be a good blogger with posting, but I am unable to do new content unitl July 5.
Bare with me, gorgeous.

~ V.

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SilhouetteScreams said...

Awwh so pretty and girly, and your hair is adorbz like that :3 also, I'm pretty sure every colour in existence makes your eye colour look awesome. *is jealous*

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Blues and dark greens are awful on me :D Make me look sick and bruised :D

The Peach said...

So pretty! Love this color on you! And I think it looks beautifully blended!

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