Aug 21, 2011

Snake eyes EOTD

Hello, dollies

Can you guess why such a title? lol 
You might notice something different about this picture.  If you see it, tell me in the comment below =)

It's a crazy simple look. 
I started with a layer of Ballerina Backstage LE eyeshdow suffle in Pas de Copper.
Topped it off with Logona Blush in Peche. Blended the edges.
Lined the upper lashline with a brown liquid liner, and put black in my inner rims and on lower lashline.

Sadly, my left eye is currently re-growing lashes, it's a part of their normal cycle but it unfotunately  means
they are much shorter on this one eye.

And my hair is up and looks strange. Hope you will forgive meh -eh.
On cheeks I'm wearing Essence Ballerina Backstage Blush. 
Cheek highlight is Everday Minerals Concelaer in Aussie Perk-me-up.
The cakey stuff in the middle left part is a concealer by essence I was trying out and hate it because it is cakey
on dry skin and it oxydizes LIKE NOBODY'S business. It is the ''Stay-all-day 16h long lasting concealer'' by Essence. Avoid this product if you are fair.

So, did you find out what's different about this EOTD? Let me know in the comments, I'm quite imterested to see how obvious this thing is to objective viewers. =)


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Želite mineralno senčilo znamke EDM? Kliknite na sliko in sodelujte v nagradni igri.
bronze make-up look


femputer said...

hmm...your eyes seem lighter. are you wearing contacts? whatever it is, you sure look pretty. :)

The Peach said...

I was thinking your eyes looked bluer. Not quite sure though. Love the look!

Emma said...

Contacts? :D

Robyn said...

Cheeky pair of contacts...? You've turned into Oogie Boogie?

socialitedreams said...

love the eyeshadow shade...not sure what's different as I just started following you :(

Vonnie of

Ronnie said...

That makes your skin glow like's gorgeous! And you have the prettiest eye color ever.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Good job, ladies.
It *is* contatcs =)

Robyn, lmao hahaha.

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