Sep 7, 2011

Kiko Smokey Eyeshadow shade 08 Smokey Green Swatches

My Palmanova purchase

Kiko Smoky Shadow waterproof shade 08 Smokey Green
5 ml of product
Shelf life 6 months after opening
The applicator is the silliest thing every, a rubbery spatula that reminds me of a platypus.
Doesn't bother me too much, it's rather hygenic, actually. 

The ingredients list:
Seriously, don't these swatches make you want to squee with happiness?
I nearly DIED.

It's a gel consistency that does not budge once it sets.Makes a beautiful base for powder eyeshadows to adhere to.Color is a beautifulysmoked out yumminess with a olive green base and TONS and TONS of dazzling sparkle.

Now look me straight in the eyes and tell me you don't want me to see do a few looks with this?

I bet you can't!

Alright, complaints.
a) The color and glitter separates from the gel when I apply it, so I need to either wait with my eyes closed to let it dry first OR I need to smooth it out with my finger and preferably applya bit of powder. either translucent powder or an eyeshadow in the same color family would work.

b) It only has a shelf life of 6 months and the amount you get is ridiculous. So much product can't be used
that quickly.

I would still repurchase because its longwearing and beautful.
C'mon guys, it's SPARKLE.

Želite mineralno senčilo znamke EDM? Kliknite na sliko in sodelujte v nagradni igri. bronze make-up look


nihrida said...

Mamma mia!!! Prečudovito!

Biba said...

Ja, res je prečudovita!

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