Sep 7, 2011

sunset and monaco

UPDATED Feb 20, 2012
Avon tests on animals and I felt I need to let you know
I will not be buying from them again. You can further read about this issue HERE

Hey, darlings

You know, making eyeshadows looks for this blog makes me happy more than anything. You know that, right? So I hope you understand that I'm posting mainly this sort of  content  because that is what my blog is FOR.

So, yes. The make-up look. Here is a fun one for ya.  The orange is from Sleek Sunset i-divine palette, the pink one  and the plum one are from Sleek Monaco palette.

Very eye-catching combo, slightly on the less wearable side. Makes my eyecolor super bright though, so I'm fine with traumatizing kids with flashing orange lids in public. Just sayin'.

Corner and brow highlight is a matte off-white shade.
wiiii, sparkly. SPAHKLY.

A bit of face whoring. And check out that freshly dyed henna dye on my hair. Yummylicious Chestnuts ftw?

Rest of the products

Lips! Essence 50's Girl Reloaded lipstick in I'm sailing that you can win HERE.

Blush: Logona in the shade Peche. The lighter side of the duo.

Foundation: Avon Calming effect Illuminizing, shade Nude
Mascara: Isadora Waterproof and Essence Stays On (on the bottom lashes)

The plum shade I went very light on, I just used a tiny but. It brought the whole look together.It may not like it did in the pictures, but it really did in person. just ask the traumatized kids who saw me :P


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I love this!! So sparkly and pretty, and yes it really does bring out your eyes! Haha scaring kids is fun! >;D
I'm glad posting your looks makes you happy, cuz it makes me happy toooo! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow!Fantastic it!

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

WOW! you're very talented! I prefer dark colours on me but this is awesome!

SilhouetteScreams said...

The oranges look AWESOME on you :D and LOL @ traumatising kids.

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