Sep 10, 2011

Review: KIKO COLOR SPHERE e/s shade 31

Beacause this summer, I was fortunate enough to visit my friend and that meant shopping in Italy. I was out-voted but we still went to the Palmanova outlet village
'cuz I can be irritational like that.

So a picked up some true gems in the Kiko outlet stores. Today I'm showing you their Kiko Color Sphere eyeshadow. I only got one because I never expected this to be so friggin fantastic. If only Misschevous uploded her Kiko haul before I went there. 

A few snapshots of the stunning Kiko Color Sphere eyeshadow in shade 31.They have a plastic clear lid and rubbery Nars-ish pot. They also come with sponge tip applicators.

Kiko Color Sphere 31 swatches

The black cardboard packaing is such a MAC rip-off it's not even funny :)
Contains 1,8 g of produt and has a shelf life of  18 months.
The idea is that it can be used either wet or dry, kinda like most similar produts, e.g. mineral baked eyeshadows.

Kiko Color Sphere eyeshadow shade 31 is a deep right chocolate brown, very dark but with gold shimmer shot through the shadow.
Here you can see a picture of it with added sun light and a bit of artifical light.

As you can see on the swatches below, it is a deeep deep chocolate brown base with a 'wet' effect gold shimmah when the light hits it.

Here is where the rave stops. The ingredients. Very crappy, but same damn shit as the 120, 88, and other numbered palette have. Even MAC and higher end brands are full of this.


Final thoughts:
- amazing value for money
- blendable without losing the color. You can actually *blend* it out, meaning make the color less opaque as opposed to scrapping off the product completely till all you have left is a muddy mess
- adheres to the skin nicely 
- how it swatches is exactly the color it goes on the eyes
- inxepensive (roughly around € 4)

I think I've covered most things. Any question? Leave them below.

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Želite mineralno senčilo znamke EDM? Kliknite na sliko in sodelujte v nagradni igri.

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Bone Jangles said...

I got two of those eyeshadows when I was in Spain. I absolutely fell in love with #35 because I can blend it perfectly and the colour is amazing. However, #41 disappointed me because I expected something stronger and darker but it turns out pretty weak and very purple :/

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

I love kiko products! they are not expencive and good quality!!

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

This is such a gorgeous shadw, I love it.. reminds me of BFTE's Chocolate, one of my fave colors. Shame about the crappy ingredients, I really don't know why people are still making cosmetics with bad crap in them when it is entirely possible to make quality products without harmful ingredients. I guess it comes down to the money.. crappy ingredients are cheaper. Sucks. Anyway, gorgeous eyeshadow! Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of Kiko I don't think but now I feel like looking them up :)

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