Sep 4, 2011

What I hate about mascaras

Hey, girls 

I wonder if any of you are the same but I have very special eyelashes needs. They are long but they curve downward. Curling kinda helps, but mascaras are very tricky.
If the formula is non-drying, the curl relaxes within seconds. 

Second problem is my eyeshape and how lashes grow. when I curl them, the curler
scrapes off my liquid liner. Always.

If i apply liner after my mascara, the curl comes down again. viscious cycle!
This make-up look is such example. I used essence stay-on-and-on mascara that I LOVE for my bottom lashes. I kinda refuse to use anything else because it doesn't smudge when my undereye creasing
activity thing. But it's water soluble so any speck of moist (yet NOT oil) will melt it completely off.

 I'd be glad to hear your waterproof mascara recommendations!
It needs to be ''cement'' type of mascara, the kind that drys your lashes and the kind you can't get off unless you bathe in oil for 6 hours.

Yes, I neeed that =)

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Dyna said...

I am doing this mascara combination lately> Bourjois Volume Fast and Rotating Mascara / for volume and Max Factor's Volume and Lift Mascara / for curl and length. They re brilliant so far :d

Kleopatra said...

Jaz imam popolnoma isti problem kot ti. Ker imam popolnoma ravne trepalnice in zelo trde mi navadne maskare sploh ne ustrezajo.

Vedno najprej nanesem liner, potem trepalnice ukrivim, vendar stisnem malo nižje zato, da se mi liner ne pobriše.

Sledi mascara, 1 nanos, potem se lotim drugega očesa in počakam, da se prvi posuši. Nato sledi drugi nanos maskare, da so trepalnice bolj poudarjene.

Uporabljam pa samo vodoodporne in sicer L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Waterproof in L'Oreal Double Extension Waterproof Mascara.

socialitedreams said...

ugh, your eyelashes sound as wonky as mine! mine stick out at weird angles, won't hold a curl half the time if I blink wrong, just can't act right lol. i need a holy grail mascara or some lash implants....they do those yet??? lol

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