Sep 3, 2011

Essence Natventurista Swatches

 Hello, dear readers

Another fun LE collection from Essence, the Natventurista.
Only picked up two items because the pigmentation on the shadows was horrible. Was nothing but frosty shimmer in a very pretty looking marbelized form. You better do something nicer next time, Essence.

I'm going to start with my LOVE. It's the Essence LE Natventurista gel liner in 02 Mother Earth is Watching You. Here are some pictures. You may want to click on images to view them magnified, ya'know, for kicks :P

 The consistency is more of a cream shadow that gel liner. But it is opaque and it dries to an almost waterproof formula. It is definately very long wearing on my skin and it has to be removed with oily make-up remover. First picture is in direct sun light, the second one in natural daylight. This product is a winner!

Essence Natuventurista gel liner Mother Earth is watching you swatches

And now for the swatches. I was being over-zealous with swatching these and I went straight  in the pot  with my fingers and did a finger swatch. that is why this is such a thick layer. The color is a shimmery what i would call off-gold, it's a sort of a copper-gold mix with a tinge of pink undertone.

 And here we go to the next product. it's  the Essence LE Natventurista blush stain in 01 You're My Dragonfly, Sugar. For this collection, they really went all out with cute long names. Cute, but little inconvient for bloggers to type :P 

Now, this product can be summed up in two words: greesy, sheer. It felt like a very cheap chap stick.
Would not repurchase. I am waiting on Sleek Pout Paints to be avaible  to make this more pigmented.

 Hope this was helpful to you =)

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Corina Muru said...

Too bad for that blush, the color is really pretty :(

SilhouetteScreams said...

That sucks about the blush, it's such a pretty colour :( but OMGWTF that gel liner is beautiful. I'd love to see a look where you use it as a base!

Mai said...

That gel liner looks awesome! I had hoped it would be a no shimmer color so I could use it on my waterline but since it's shimmery I suppose I can't. Still looks awesome though!

Bone Jangles said...

I hoped the blush would be better :/ However, I don't think this will reach the stores in my country soon.

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