Feb 15, 2012

Lily Lolo Brown Sugar eyeshadow swatches

Hey everybody,
meet Lily Lolo eyeshadow in Brown Sugar.  Didn't go too crazy with the swatches this time because its not a very complex shadow.
Pictured: Lily Lolo Brown Sugar eyeshadow swatches. More info about the shadow after the jump.
This is the eyeshadow I confused for another Lily Lolo shade (Soft Brown) which I really wanted but I bought Brown Sugar absent mindedly. 
Decided to keep it beacuse of it's versatility; it makes a lovely warm crease color. When you blend it out, the warmth really comes to forth, it's not even overly metallic. I'd say it looks like amber honey.
You can foil it on to get a solid gold. It also works great over very emolient bases. 
Like *all* goldy shades it leans to brassy on my extreme skintone. It wouldn't on someone who has pink in their skin.  But for me this means a repurchase deal-breaker.
Doesn't look to crazy or gold in the pot, does it?

The texture is very light and airy, complete opposite of Fyrinnae shadow texture.
So just by the texture I could tell this needs to be used wet or over a base, primers aren't sticky enough.

It's not that bad for a subdued gold, right?



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