Feb 12, 2012

The Taupe Agenda

Hi =)

This is the result of trying to find the perfect daytime taupe for me. I have found that there are some rectrictions; the perfect taupe for me needs to be warm rather than cool. Although this was a very pretty daytime look, it wasn't as flattering as I'd hoped it to be. 

I used Sundara Cosmetics minerals for this. 

Main lid color: Sundara Cosmetics Mocha Taupe.
Lid highlight: Sundara Cosmetics Saint
Eyeliner: Essence Mother Earth Is Watching You gel liner

Saint is exactly the same color as Sweetscents' Oriental Beige or Mineralissima's Latte. It's a yellowish satin color with lots of sheen. 

I do not know what has gotten into me these past months but all I wear or want to wear or want to buy is taupe.  I've been sistematically working on the colors I have in my Z-palette and, in fact, am probably going to use up all the neutrals in there by the end of this year, some by summer even. I feel reassured that my stash is not going to waste.

I also have to mention how Bethainy's (Iwanted2c1video on YouTube) tip on mixing shimmery eyeshdow with moisturizer to get a liquid highliter is working out amazingly for me. It seriously transforms any horribly frosty shadow I hate using on my eyes into a perfect gleaming sheeny subtle highlight. 
This, too, will undoubtedly contribute to me using up more shadows by the end of this year. I practically used half of a pink frost shadow that I designated to be my cheeck highlight.

Off-topic: Winter is finally kicking in =). It's been snowing for a week and I'm loving it. It's cold so my heating bill is going to sky-high but the snow is sooooooo pretteh. I'm also through with my exams and don't have to worry about single one I have left untill summer. 

Triple yay =)


The Peach said...

This is a beautiful taupe! I have been on a neutral kick myself her for quite a while. And such a great tip about mixing shimmery shadows with mositurizer! I do this myself!

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