Sep 3, 2012

Olive green and glitter

Hey guys =) 

I make sure to rotate my products as much as I can, it's kind of the same idea as weekly beauty basket you see yt gurus doing. 
I pick out the stuff I want to use and put it in my magnized palette and a plastic basket. everything then lives on my desk where I do my make-up. Untill I get tired of using it and at which point it gets replaced by something else.

For this look, I used 

  • Essence Sun Club Waterproof eyeliner in 04 Purple Rain for my lower lashine

  • an olive satin finish eyeshadow with gold sparkle by Vitaskin Beauty (discontinued) all over the lid and blended toward the browbone

  • Fyrinnae rainbow glitter eyeshadow in a sliver base called Dinosaur Plushie  applied in my inner corner over a layer of Darling Girl Cosmetics' Glitter Glue

Dinosaur Plushie is hard to capture and it only showed up in this shot and none of the others which is a shame because this is the element of the look that made it so unbearably awesome if I may say so myself. The orange stuff in the backround is the back part of my office chair ;)

The accent white shimmery highliting is dorne using Essence I <3 highlighter="highlighter" pen.="pen." runway="runway">

The glitter might be pushing the envelope but I would consider this a wearable daytime look.
I don't think it would be too much and I'd  definately wear it. 

It just that in general I love how greens look paired with red purples. It's a pretty combo. 
I dunno, I'll let you all be the judges of that.




Alexandra Gheorghe Ilias said...

ha..that's i made just like you a green makeup with glitter :)..
yours is beautiful :)

Estrelinha said...

What a beautiful makeup ..

I love the color combination


Anonymous said...

Ohhh rehab u done very well <3 Follow me back

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thank you ladies, I'm glad you like it.

olgiepolgie said...

Gorgeous! I don't think the glitter is too much at all. I think Dinosaur Plushie is one of the best Fyrinnae eyeshadows ever!

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