Feb 13, 2013

Trial for NYE 2012 Party Make-up

Hey guys =) 
I know New Years Eve is yesterday's story but I had zero time to breathe from  3rd Jaunary onward so I'm sharing now :) 

This is a draft of the real look I worn (soon to be posted, worry not, sunshine :) 
Black half lashes, yay. 

White eyeshadow base: Essence LE (the ballerina stuff)
Sleek Chaos for the matte brugundy eyeshadow. Loads of blending!
Sleek Liquid Ink liquid liner
and Lily Lolo eyeshadow in Angelic all over the lid.

Talk to you soon



olgiepolgie said...

This is so pretty. Your eyes look huge!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

The white line helps with that :)
If my lower lashes were less bushy I might be able to use this trick day-to-day.

Deja said...

A trepalnice sama odrežeš na pol ali kupiš te polovične?
Za moj okus preveč pink, ampak mi je všeč :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Tele so že kupljene polovične, z rezanjem še nisem imela uspehov.

Ni pink, mat bordo =) mogoče se porazgubi v roza ob mehčanju prehodov

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