Sep 13, 2010

Fav makeup look of summer 2010

Hey, everyone, it's me again .:)

I'm doing some disc cleanup as my laptop desperately needs to have Windows reinstaled. And I found a bunch of my summer make-up looks that I am going to make a collage of.

But there's one look in particular I felt compelled to give a an entry of its own.
It's a look inspired by Cora, VitangeorTacky on Youtube, the Hello Kitty Too Dolly Look. I feel the best way to learn something is by imitation, so aping someone who has the skill will help you improve!

I used the 120 palette for my look. I you have that product you'll know which colours I used. And if not, just pick which ever are your favorite.

So this is my recreation.
Who ever said blue eyeshadow isn't good for blue-eyed girl was WRONG.

Honestly, blue isn't all that bad. I rather like it.
Hope you like it, too.

Oh, and one more thing! If you'd like to be notified about my next posts,
folow me via Google Connect. it should be a little box saying ''follow'' :)
I'll be sending more pictures of my make-up creations and also some reviews of cruelty-free skin care and hair care.
Apart from that, feel free to comment. Your thoughts and questions are greatly appreaciated.

Have a stellar day. :)
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