Feb 5, 2012

EDM Bubble Tea swatches

Oh, hi =) 

I've had this shadow in my colection for quite a while but I only used it once. And that one time use made me realize I need to swatch this shadow, It also made me realize I really really like it on my eyes. It's Everyday Minerals eyeshadow in Bubble Tea. And both swatches were applied using damp brush.

As you can see from the swatches it's a sort of a pigeon-ish blue leaning more to aqua, I'd say.
 It's metallic and has a soft, creamy texture which makes it easy to apply. It also foils lovely.

Good news for blue eyes and yellow undertone skin - it works for us. at least it didn't make me look sickly yellow-faced like some blues and teals have a strong tendancy to.

Now, if only I could rememeber to use it sometimes. It's rather cute and I think it would be awesome with purple in the crease and then rainbow glitter all over the lid. 

Do you know any other similar shade you could suggest me to check out? I love how this doesn't bring out yellow in skin so I need more of this kind of color. =)))



EyeGraffiti said...

can't believe you've only worn it just one time? it looks amazing, but you know I'll always vote for you to wear more blue and teal hehe!/Azure

Gone2RehabBRB said...

I swatched it when I got it, and I had been safely stored in a drawer for about a year, yeah :/

I know, i knooow, I really oughta listen to you :D

The Peach said...

This is a great color! I'm sure I have something in my collection thats similar. Don't you hate it when you have something awesome in your collection and you forget about it?!

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