Aug 11, 2012

Choc dipped cranberries

 Hey guys =)

After all the summery brights and corals, I felt a choc smokey eye was well overdue. Seriously, why do I not feature my favourite type of eye make-up more often? 
I guess I feel it would get too boring and chocolate just doesn't photograph as striking as neon pinks do :D

So this is the look and this is how I achieved it: 

 I took a wet angle liner brush and picked up a chocolate baked eyeshadow. I lined my eyes with it and created a big fat wing. And then I drew an outer V connecting to the crease, using the tip of my wing as the joint spot for my V. Basically, I made my outer corners dark.

Over the lid I swept a coppery metallic eyeshadow.

To warm up the general orbital bone area, I used a cranberry shade.

Kiko Color Sphere #31. The choclate baked eyeshadow with gold sparkle.  Reviewed and swatched HERE.

Work that Mojo eyeshadow, the coppery peachy shade (About Face Cosmetics, no longer in exsistance). Reviewed and swatched HERE.

Cranberry shade from Sleek Sunset I-Divine palette.

Essence Cool Down kohl on the waterline
Twas a very flattering eye look. Would look beautiful on all eye colors because it's very warm.

Hope you like it.



Anonymous said...

Wow looking cool :) follow me back dear

Raspberrykiss said...

This is stunning. I'm a huge fan of chocolate colours xoxoxo

Makeup Zombie said...

I love the bronzy feel to this. Lovely!

olgiepolgie said...

Nothing boring about this. It's so sparkly and lovely!

tina said...

so beautiful

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thank you ladies :)
Nice to know my everday make-up is not as boring as I thought!

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