Dec 27, 2013

Dashing through the No

Hello guys =)

Happy Holidays. Did you like my little Grumpy Cat refernece in the title? :P

It was getting a bit lonely over here at my blog and there's no wonder why. 
"Y U NO POST MUCH?" Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. There are things that unfortunately can happen, called life and making a living. And apart from that, my face doesn't look particulary good, lol :D

On that note,  I am so happy to find a tool that helps me cover acne scars very efficiently. It's a no-brainer hyped up brush and a cult classic. Only had it for two week but it's one thing that finally makes me feel normal; Real Techinque brush from their Core Collection. I must own all brushes designed in this. OWN ALL THE BRUSHES.

Here is what I came over for to share with you guys, before I was shocked by the fact that my last post was in October and felt the need of a chattier intro to the post. 
Teal baby, indeed it is teal!.

I used my teal BeYu cosmetics trio with the dark teal color the light teal color. 
I usually stay fatihfull to my Pixie Sparkle teal eyeshadow for my teal looks, but for a change, I left that beauty of metalic mermaid shade in the drawer and give same love to the dusty underloved BeYu eyeshadows.
 I should wear teal more often. I feel straight on true blues make me look a hooker, but teals just have a bit of that extra yellow in them that make my eyes pop without making me look Peggy Bundy in all her glory.

The gold liner is a discontinued item by Catrice. It's their liquid liner, must say not too impressive of a formula, feels like water and disolves in water. Nice color, though.

In other news, I have a box full of used up make-up. The plan is to do 2013 Empties post, but we all know how I am with plans. Hopefully it will happen. 



Taya said...

Zelo mi je všeč tale look. :)
Upam, da bo šlo po planih in bo objavljen Empties post kmalu. :D

Luna said...

And it suits you !

olgiepolgie said...

I love teal and gold together! Gorgeous.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Taya: morda začnem fotomaterial pripravljat že danes ;)

@Luna: Thanks. Been wearing so many nude looks on my eyes it felt good switching things up.

@olgiepolgie: It's a good color combo, no wonder they put gold shimmer in teal eyeshadows.

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